Everyone needs a little help sometime.  With two distinct consultation services, the Creation-1 consultation team focuses on providing clients with the right tools and direction to help them achieve their goals.

Website Consultation & Training

Website Consultation

Whether you are starting from scratch or looking to maximize your existing online presence, our website consultation service combines our unique problem solving ability with over a decade of experience designing, developing and marketing websites and apps.

We see many clients suffering from the results of a DIY, trial-and-error process.  This approach often saves money in the short run; however, it can have lasting affects on income as well as expenses.  Establishing a clear, concise plan that is tailored for your business’ or organization’s goals allows you to move forward confidently.  Additionally, having a team like Creation-1 in your corner gives you peace of mind knowing that when life takes an unexpected turn or your needs evolve, you’ll have someone to help guide you through the growing pains.

Below you’ll find a few examples of how we help businesses and organizations with their online presence.

  • New website or app consultation
  • Site overhaul consultation
  • WordPress & Content Management Systems consultation
  • eCommerce consultation
  • Mobile and tablet compatibility
  • Staff Training & Support
  • Documentation creation
  • Branding guidelines
  • Website marketing consultations
  • SEO analysis

Photography Consultation & Training

Photography Consultation

Since the emergence of digital capture, photography has become more accessible.  Controls and tools are now more user-friendly to the point where non-technical operators can effectively capture images.  Additionally, access to professional-grade equipment and tools is now common place for businesses and consumers alike.

Many businesses who have an ongoing need for photography have realized this fact and have endeavored to handle photography in-house.  A percentage of these businesses have found a certain level of success; however, a large percentage have encountered many difficulties in the process of capturing their own images.  In our experience consulting with these businesses and organizations, there is often a misconception of ease.  The sentiment with digital photography is that there is a magic button that will capture a great image every time.  Unfortunately, this is not the case.

Without (a) the right equipment, (b) the right setup and (c) the proper training, image capture will undoubtedly lead to lost time (which eventually translates to lost revenue).  Additionally, the lack of consistency severely impacts the marketability and usability of the photographs.

Enter the Creation-1 consultation team.  Our goal is to set you up for success.

After a free, one-hour, in-office consultation session, we analyze either your current or prospective photography needs. Focusing on the three items mentioned above (equipment, setup & training), we provide any number of the following services…

  • Capture & lighting equipment selection
  • Capture equipment setup & configuration
  • Lighting equipment setup
  • Editing application selection
  • Support & troubleshooting
  • Staff training…
    • Working with the equipment
    • Capture process
    • Editing & retouching
    • Digital file management

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