Dental Photography Consulting


Dental Photography Consulting

Dentists and orthodontists throughout the US have been picking up their digital cameras and trying their luck at dental photography.  Whether they are photographing patients for marketing or for documentation purposes, many have encountered the same difficulties.  The reason being that dental photograph employs a few highly technical photographic techniques.

The bottom line is even if you know how to operate a digital camera, which many dentists and orthodontists will admit they are not as proficient at as they wish the could be, you still need to employ both technical equipment and lighting to take and great dental photograph.

This is where Creation -1 steps in.  We offer a free, one-hour consultation to assess your photographic needs and offer basic suggestions as to how you can improve your dental photography skills.  For professionals operating in the five boroughs of New York City, we offer in-office visits for the consultation.  For professionals operating outside of NYC, we offer consultations via telephone or Skype.  Many offices request additional services after the in-office consultation; however, there is no obligation whatsoever.

Many dentists and orthodontists complain that the photographic process is taking too much time and that the resulting images vary so widely that they often cannot use them in their desired manner.  For this reason, oftentimes our primary goal is to improve proficiency (which leads to improved efficiency) and consistency through the following services…

Equipment Selection
After reviewing your needs, we offer a custom recommended equipment list.  This list can outline recommended cameras, lenses, support systems, lighting, accessories like mirrors and retractors and more.  It’s based on the budget you provide and you handle the purchasing which means no marked up prices.

Equipment Setup and Configuration
We will assist setting up any equipment you already own or choose to purchase based on our recommendation.  This helps you get started photographing right away without worrying about manuals, instructions and troubleshooting.  Oftentimes we focus on camera and lighting setup for intraoral and exterior shots but can also address any other custom needs.

This is often the most valuable service we offer.  We train you and / or staff members on best dental photography practices with the goal of having each staff member self-sufficient.  Training can be related to operating the digital camera, controlling the lighting and even how to use a photo editing application.

If you would like to schedule your free, one-hour consultation or if you have any questions or comments, please complete the form below.

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