Creation-1 5.0 Site Launch

By Justin Parra
Web Development of the future.

Web Development of the future.

It’s pretty crazy that this is the 5th iteration of the Creation-1 site. 2013 marks our 7th year in business and it’s been an amazing journey and a slow evolution from a team of Flash developers who worked mostly for artists in the creative field to a small design and development firm with a broad range of talents.

Our new design represents much of the work we have been working on for our amazing clients.  We built a site fully maintained in WordPress that is also responsive. Our site is more usable now on tablets and mobile devices than ever before. Responsive web design has gotten to the point where there really is no excuse to not to build a site that is at least partially responsive.

We also worked to make the site friendly to Retina screen devices.  These are high resolution monitors that are mostly found on iPhones and iPads but will soon be found everywhere.  There is much to be done in the way of web design and development to overcome these issues and we look forward to more simple implementations of this in the future

If you’re lucky you will find a fun Easter egg we hid in the site!