Filter Update

By Justin Parra

After months of conversations, design, and some pretty intense web development we have finally released the 3rd iteration of!  We are very excited to release this as part of our updated brand.  Not really a “Rebrand”, this was more of a much needed update.  We wanted to simplify the site even more, giving users what they want first (our portfolio) while still showing off some cool development features.  Jason and I have also been talking about having the blog integrate more seamlessly with the website since we have been using it more and more to reach out to new and existing clients.

Geek Stuff:

Typical brainstorming sesh at Creation-1

Our goal was to move away from Flash.  As of lately we have seen the demand for Flash development go Waaaaaay down.  This has caused the technologies we use to evolve as well.  We used jQuery for our gallery slider and accordion style animation in the nav making it compatible with most mobile devices.  In the “Contact” area we have an AJAX form with email validation as well as a little JavaScript to show our Skype and iChat status.  The PHP includes for the latest blog posts are the cherry on top of this little cupcake and the rest is just in good ol’ XHTML and CSS!

P.S. For the custom font we used font-face.  We used CA BND Bold from Cape Arcona Type Foundry in Germany. Thanks!