(Finally) On Facebook

By Justin Parra

Facebook screenshot Creation-1

What can I say?  There really is no excuse.  It’s a small shop here a C-1.  We concentrate quite heavily on face to face human- type networking and we have been plotting and planning how we would shape our image via social media.  We have come a long way in 5 years as a company and we are just getting to that point where we want to announce ourselves to the world!  Most of our time is spent connecting with people in real life and listening to their ideas. This is what we have prided ourselves on over the past few years.  We understand that people have had bad experiences working with people in this industry.  We know that web developers are typically hard to contact, never answer the phone, disappear near deadlines, and work strange hours.  That’s why we always tell people to call us.  We will pick up the phone, we will answer you on Skype or iChat, we will respond to your email by the next business day, and we will always return carrier pigeons promptly- weather permitting.

This is where Facebook comes in.  We will use it more to connect with people and share our ideas, not so much for promotion.  We understand that most people are not interested in our rather geektastic pursuits which is why our FB page will likely be promoting other peoples projects and highlighting what we think is shaping our future landscape in society.  Because let’s face it, web development now affects every aspect of our lives.

With that said, enjoy our musings and the occasional stupid joke and “Like” us in the right sidebar of the blog.