Creation-1 V.4.0 Launch

By Justin Parra

It’s not an official website launch without a gratuitous cat photo.

We are thrilled to launch the 4th iteration of our portfolio site.  We have now been in business for 6 years and have seen Creation-1 evolve both in our clientele and methods.  Our goal this time around was to better highlight the portfolio, integrate some fun animation, and to bring a bit more attention to our blog.

We utilized some jQuery for the animation effects and a little AJAX to get our blog posts to display in the footer. We used the @Font-Face font embedding method for the non web-safe fonts.   A big thanks goes out to Cape Arcona Type Foundry in Germany for letting us use the typeface CA BND Bold. We are always trying to keep our site down to one page as well as make sure the users always see the portfolio first.  We understand that potential clients want to see your work first. Any other information is secondary to the quality of your work.  Enjoy the site!