E-Marketing Application Breakdown

By Justin Parra


We are always asked by clients about what applications we recommend to use for email marketing and sending bulk newsletters.  We broke down our three favorites and discussed some of the pros and cons.  Overall, Genus is the most affordable, comprehensive and feature rich application because it is fully integrated with your website.  So here is the Comparison of Mailchimp vs. Constant Contact vs. Genus:

MailChimp []


Subscriber based system allows for unlimited emails to be sent.
Free account: limits 100 subscribers, 6 mail-outs each month, branded with MailChimp badge.
Good for high volume/frequency marketing campaigns.

Subscriber based system ultimately limits target specific marketing capabilities.  In reality, you will not be sending marketing campaigns to all of your subscribers each month.  You will be conducting a much more targeted campaign that will utilize only a portion of your total subscribers.
More work to integrate customer database into marketing campaign.  With Genus, you are able to easily segment your customers by creating reports based on products purchased, total purchase amount, etc. Otherwise, you will have to export all of your order information, segment it manually via Excel and then import into MailChimp.
Customers must Opt-In which requires customers to re-subscribe to a newsletter they have already subscribed to.  This is especially important when importing existing databases.


MailChimp is a superior marketing service if the client needs more than 10,000 emails each month; however, this service can get quite expensive depending on the number of new subscribers each month.  Unlimited emails is appealing but for smaller companies who do not require high volume marketing campaigns Genus is a much more cost effective service that will cover the majority of their marketing needs: templates, database segmentation, reports, etc.  The integration with existing and new customer database and the ability to segment that information based on specific customer interactions makes Genus a much more viable marketing service.

Constant Contact []


Unlimited emails to a selected number of subscribers.
Online survey functionality for an additional fee.
The same overall features as Genus

Not integrated with your website like genus is.
You will have re- import your subscriber list from your website into constant contact and vice versa.

Constant Contact is recommended for clients who wish to distribute surveys and receive in depth analytics regarding the results.  The email marketing service offered by Mailchimp is better; if not the same as Constant Contact.  With genus, the email marketing is included in your package as long as you have under 10,000 emails a month.

Genus []


Unlimited Subscribers.
Fully Integrated with your Website.
No opt in required for your primary list upload.
10,000 emails a month FREE.
Setup loyalty campaigns ex. Send birthday messages with coupons etc.
Create email lists based on your eCommerce sales. ex: A list of all people who spent x amount of money or bought x product.

Additional fee for over 10,000 emails per month ($0.01/email, charged in 1,000 increments)— This is unlikely for most businesses.

Genus is ideal for the business who is looking for a fully integrated solution.  With Genus you wont have to navigate through multiple websites and applications to send newsletters or campaigns.  There are over 200 templates that you can customize with your logo, company name and color scheme.  Once you are setup there is no migrating between different programs.  Everything you need to manage your online business is inside Genus.  Each of the 6 aspects of Genus are able to communicate with each other and read information from the other.  No other email marketing system can create a list based on customer actions such as store sales or specific product purchases without the knowledge of code.