On Twitter @C1Seattle

By Justin Parra














We know, we are probably the last on board this proverbial marketing gravy train. It’s not that we hate it, don’t understand it, or don’t see it having a future in the social media landscape.  The fact is that:

  1. We are busy enough with our own work as well as our blog, Facebook, and our direct marketing campaigns.
  2. We were looking for an effective reason to use Twitter and not use it as just another place to dump useless banter like other agencies seem to do.

So how will we use Twitter?

Well first off, let’s talk about how we will not use Twitter, and this serves as advice to any other company’s social media strategy.  We will not use twitter to only regurgitate what is on our blog and Facebook and vice versa. What’s the point of following someone on Facebook and Twitter if the same content is dispersed through every network? 

We started the hashtag #siteswedig which will highlight some of the amazing designs we encounter during our research.  It will be a great way to engage other agencies as well as spread some love.  We will also use Twitter to help promote some of the Design For Good  (#designforgood) contributions we make and get other people to contribute to the causes we care about.  We will occasionally splash some of our own promo in there but it will be kept around 5%.  We seek to use Twitter as a tool for engagement and awareness.  Not just a “Look at my sandwich” or “Look what I did” tool.  With that said, follow us and be a part of our little journey




Poor kid! What a picture though.