How to Publish your iCal Calendar Without a MobileMe Account

By Justin Parra

This one’s for the mac users out there who want to publish your iCal but don’t want to pay $100.00 a year for such a basic service.

Before I start I must mention that Google Calendar is much better for people who need multiple people publishing to the same calendar.  If you just want to have clients and/ or co-workers view your iCal calendar on their iCal then this will work great for you.

1.  Go to and sign up for a free account.  It’s super fast and easy!

2.  Open iCal

3.  Right click on the calendar you want to publish and select “Publish”.

4.  Check the appropriate boxes according to what you would like to publish and select “Private Server”

5.  Enter as the base URL and use your email login and password for the login and password fields.  Sometimes this wont work.  In that case either get rid of “https” and just use “http” or use “” instead of “” You may need to mess with a combination of using/ not using https, http, and the directory “/dav” and “/dav/Documents”

6.  Press “Publish”

7.  To send the calendar to your colleagues you can right click on the calendaer and press “Send Publish Email” .  Make sure you give them your email and password.  You may want to use a password that is not the same as your other accounts and keep the account empty of any private info.

8.  Sit back and relax knowing you just saved $100.00!