The Social Media Landscape: A Detailed Guide

By Justin Parra

I found this at and though it was very interesting.  There are a lot of social media sites, bookmarking sites and aggregating sites out there and this is a great way to lay them all out.  A lot of people are asking about the validity or effectiveness of a certain outlet.  For instance, “Should I be using _______<—Insert social media outlet”  My answer at first is always “It depends”.  Well this goes a little deeper and really digs into the specificity of each site.

Our focus is mostly on development and design but we often integrate social media into websites.  People want to know what works and what doesn’t.  It really depends on what your goals are.  Determine your goals before you start your social networking and online marketing. This will save you a lot of time.  Unless you have a larger team, you can’t participate fully in every single one.  It’s better to just pick 1 and build on that.  Don’t participate in another until you think you can handle it.

Here’s the goods:

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