There is NO “Fold” in web design

By Justin Parra

I have been hearing a lot of clients, project managers, art directors and even designers refer to the “fold” of a website. Besides the most obvious fact that you cannot fold a monitor (yet), I think there are a lot of misconceptions created when you apply the concepts of print design to web design.

  1. The UI is completely different. You cannot scroll down a newspaper.
  2. Unlike a newspaper you cannot control the location of  “the fold” due to the diversity of devices.
  3. The way people interact with a newspaper is completely different than a website.  Multimedia is approached differently by the brain- we tend to scour it more aggressively.

While as a guideline it is good to put some essential information at the top of the page, it does not mean you need to put ALL of the information at the top of your page.  While you want the user to know who you are and what you do; you also need to have them look around your site for more.

To read more about this subject I recommend taking a look at the Iampaddy blog article Life below 600px which also gives an interesting perspective on the issue.